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Bapa Mhojea Mogalla (Konkani Gospel Cover) Official Video 2020

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BAPA MHOJEA MOGALLA (Konkani Gospel Cover) DISCLAIMER: THE MELODY MIGHT NOT BE ACCORDING TO THE ORIGINAL COMPOSITION. WE DON'T INTENT TO HURT ANYBODY'S SENTIMENTS. This is my first video on Youtube. I dedicate this beautiful hymn to thank Abba Father for all the blessings He has bestowed on me. Inspite of my weaknesses and shortcomings, He continues to bless me abundantly. I want to thank and praise Him. Original composer- Charles De Foucauld Singer- Velroy Fernandes Acoustic guitar- Grayston Vaz Violin- Keith Antao Music arrangement & programming- Joel Fernandes Mixing- VEL-TUNED Studio Mastering- Darrel Mascarenhas Video Editing- Evolution X Media...
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