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Who is misrepresenting Hindutva? | BJP's Tejasvi Surya, BSP MP Danish Ali | Times Now Summit 2020

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BJP MP Tejasvi Surya, BSP MP Danish Ali, and Former MP from CPM MB Rajesh engage in a panel discussion on the topic ‘Who is misrepresenting Hindutva’ at the Times Now Summit 2020. 'Hindutva cannot be dominating because it is the victim of aggression.' says Tejavi Surya. According to Savarkar, Hindutva & Hinduism are not the same. Hinduism is a belief. says. former CPM MP MB Rajesh. Tune in to know more! | #TimesNowSummit Across 2 days, over 25+ sessions, we will see leading voices from India’s political, economic and business landscape, discuss issues of national priority. From economic progress,...
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