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Why so MANY Religions in the World? - 4. Math & Faith

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Why so many religions in the world? Is there one true religion? In this episodes of Math & Faith, you will understand the origins of the diversity of religions. Subscribe HERE: More information on the Bible HERE: You may want to see THIS as well: #FaithWithReason #WhyManyReligions #ScienceAndReligion PRESENTER Attila Peli CONSULTANTS Florin Ghetu PRODUCER Hope Discovery GRAPHICS/VISUAL EFFECTS/COMPOSITING/ANIMATION Augustin Cosmin Pop, Nicolas Weiss / POPIXAR STUDIO CAMERA Daniel Scripcariu CAMERA/LIGHT/SOUND EQUIPMENT provided by SPERANTA TV EDITING Popixar Studio MUZIC Mihai Pitan SOUND DESIGN Florian Ardelean / CINESOUND EUROPE SCREENWRITER & DIRECTOR Attila Peli COPYRIGHT SPERANTA TV...
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