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[PES 2017] PTE Patch 7.0 (Unofficial by Fast Eagle) | install + Correct Order of CPK files

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The PTE Patch 7.0 is released for PES 2017 by Fast Eagle as the Final unofficial PTE Patch for PES 2017. PTE Patch 7.0 for PES 2017 comes with new Season 2018 Transfers and new Kits for major big teams , also new Scoreboard, new balls and new features. I will show you also the correct order of CPK files for PTE Patch 7.0 . This PTE Patch 7.0 is only an update not a full patch for PES 2017. So make sure you have PTE 6.0 AND PTE 6.1 installed before. This video will guide you how to Install...
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